March 13th, 2019



In today’s society, people have so many ways to communicate. I can tell you some folks spend a lot of time and money doing so.  I see an entire family of Mom, Dad and several children walking around reaching out to someone by Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, texting and the list goes on. I guess what I’m saying is the fact that no matter how much these electronic devices cost and how advanced their capability is , it does nothing to connect with anyone else unless you have the other persons phone number or email address or fax number, and it has to be complete and accurate.  One number, one letter or wrong web address and your in “space”.  You do have to have “all” the other party‚Äôs info or you never communicate.      

 I am so glad that God gave us ALL the information we need to communicate with Him. In the Bible there is one verse that I’m reminded how I am to find God and it’s in Jeremiah 29:13. ” You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with ALL your heart”.  How Great is that?  I don’t have to buy a device or pay out money for my God to hear me. I just have to go to that “space” called Prayer Time, open my Whole Heart and I find God. He is always there to listen. ALWAYS. All He ask is that when He replies we listen to Him with All our Heart.

I’m not saying that using the other ways we communicate with each other on a daily basis is bad; I just hope each person understands that God is ready to connect with us 24/7.   Just seek and talk to Him with All your Heart.  By the way, God has a password for us to use so that prayer goes through. It’s—INJESUSNAMEIPRAY.  He waits for our call.
Your Brother In Christ,   Skip Hopson