In a day when houses no longer have front porches, the work day lasts far too long and weekends are filled with too much activity,  it’s hard to find and maintain good lasting relationships with other adults.  In a hectic world when you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you also had better be standing on solid ground or you’ll slowly start sinking in the mire of the world. Pleasant Hill’s Adult Sunday School groups can help you with those problems. You will find that there’s a group just right for you to make  friends who will help you enjoy the high marks of life and stand beside you during the rough stretches. You’ll also start learning Biblical truths to support you and your family

Sunday School Groups (groups meet every Sunday at 10:00)

Tommie Rhodes — This group meets in room #101 of the Sanctuary building.  This group was named in memory of Tommie Rhodes and has family roots that go deep into the history of Pleasant Hill.  They have grown up together, raised children and now grandchildren.  They always depend on the word of God to sustain them, they strive to bring honor and glory to God in all they do. Leader: Wayne Kelley
The Fillin’ Station — This class meets in room #102 in the Family Life Center.  This group is very diverse in age and experience in life.  They do a variety of studies and strive to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.  You are welcome in time to be a part of this group. Leader: Skip Hopson
The Well — This group meets on the second floor of the Family Life Center.  This group is mostly younger couples and singles.  They have a great time studying God’s word through a variety of sources.  They do a lot of current studies relevant to Christian living in today’s culture.  Leaders: Chad and Alana Hester
Brothers of Faith — This group meets in the room next to the stage of the Family Life Center.  They meet every Sunday to grow closer to one another and become the men God is calling them to be.  They vary in age and lifestyle but share a common goal to grow their faith and serve the body of Christ. 
Leader: Ray Creekmore
Eagles Wings — This class meets in room #201 of the Sanctuary building.  This is a men ‘s group that varies in ages and experiences and they seek for God to reveal applications that can be used in their daily walk.  Leader: Phil Everett

Soul Sisters —  This group meets downstairs in the Sanctuary building next to the prayer chapel.  They are a group of women from various ages and background. They study books in the Bible and biblical topics. Leader: Jeannie Creekmore