Church Facility Reservation Calendar and Reservation Request Form

This is the official Pleasant Hill calendar and will always be up to date.   Printed calendars are out of date the second they are printed.  Please check the calendar and verify your reservation.
If your reservation or event is not listed below
All Pleasant Hill Calendars are displayed below Click on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the calendar for a interactive legend.  Uncheck the calendars you do not wish to see. 
Click on the reservation to see End Time.
Sanctuary displayed in Red.   
Family Life Center displayed in Blue
Alpha Meeting Room displayed in Purple.
Children’s Large Room displayed in Green.
Youth Large Room displayed in Pink.
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To reserve facilities please read and complete the form below

Please complete the form and click send when finished. All fees and deposits are to be paid in full at the time the reservation is made. You will be contacted by email or by phone. No dates will be held without payment in full. The church facilities MAY NOT be used for personal gain. Please read our Church Facilities Policy
Members and Non-Members will be charged a $50 refundable cleaning deposit for the Sanctuary.
Members will be charged $100 for weddings.
Non-members will be charged $750 for weddings.
Family Life Center
Members and Non-Members will be charged a $50 refundable cleaning deposit for the Family Life Center.
Members can use Family Life Center at no charge.
Non-members will be charged $75/hr or $750 for weddings.
Kitchen in the Family Life Center
A nonrefundable fee of $50 will be collected for use of the kitchen in the FLC. ( Ice machine use is free )
The burners and deep fryer are NOT to be used unless someone from the church with experience using gas equipment is present.

Reservation Request

Please complete the form and click send when finished.

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Additional Information

Use of stage, sound and video projection equipment requires trained church personnel. Do you need sound or video projection?


I agree to the Church Facilities Policy.

Can I use the stage, microphones, keyboards or play the drums?
No, please do not move or use any of the items on the stage. The stage is used multiple times during the week by our praise band and the equipment is setup and configured for them. Please do not let children play on the stage.
How do I unlock FLC lower door if I do not have a key?
Locate the keypad on the right side of the door. Press the round button in the center to wake the lock and illuminate the keypad. Using firm pressure enter the door code that you were given. If the code is entered correctly the round button will turn green and the door will unlock for 8 seconds.
How do I keep the door unlocked?
Inside the outer door locate the switch panel on the right side. Press the green button this will keep the door unlocked for 1 hour. The timer is connected to a motion detector and every time someone enters or leaves the 1 hour timer will reset to 1 hour, typically it will remain unlocked during your entire event.
How do I lock the door?
Inside the outer door locate the switch panel on the right side. Press the red button this will cancel the timer and the door will lock in a few seconds after motion is not detected. If you forget to lockup, the door will automatically lock one hour after you leave.
How do I turn on the lights?
Just inside the FLC to the right is a light switch for the lower lights. Upstairs near the other door is a light switch for the upper lights. The overhead gym light switch is located in the mechanical room just inside the door.
Where are the thermostats?
There are 2 thermostats (North and South) located in room 101 please feel free to set them to a comfortable level. Use your finger to slide the temperature up or down, remember to set both. The thermostats will return to their previous temperature after 2 hours, so if you will be in the FLC longer than 2 hours, remember you must reset them.