Connectional Council


(Elected Annually)
Alex Godwin

Staff Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC)

Ray Creekmore (chair) – 2022
Wayne Kelley – 2023
Laura Darby – 2024


(Elected Annually)
Jerry Fulmer (chair)
Willa Kay Godwin (Financial Secretary)
Mary Beth Angel (Treasurer)


David House (chair) – 2022
Allison Siro – 2023
Ann Marie Haraway – 2024

Worship and Technology

(Elected Annually)
Rene House (Lay Leader)
Tim Darby (Tech)

Ministry Staff

Ministry Staff
Andy Curtis (Pastor)
Donna Dagnan (Secretary)
Amanda Davis (Youth Director) Jennifer McFall (Children’s Director)
Alison Cook (Nursery Director)

Nominations/Lay Leadership

(meets annually to propose leadership for upcoming year)

Andy Curtis (Chair)

2022: Junior Hall, David House, Lisa Stamps

2023: Amanda Davis, Ann Marie Haraway, Emily Clemons

2024: Allison Siro, Bryan Davis, Mike Stamps