Pleasant Hill Children’s Academy
The idea for The Pleasant Hill Children’s Academy grew from the issue that not all four year olds will
be able to attend the Pre-K programs in the area schools. Our new facility at Pleasant Hill offers a
well-planned children’s department and we would like to offer our new building not only for Sunday
school, but also for a Pre-K learning center.
Our mission of the academy is to provide loving care while fostering each child’s intellectual, social,
and moral development in an academically and spiritually rich environment. We will be following guidelines of the Alabama School Readiness Program while incorporating Bible stories and songs.
We want the Pleasant Hill Children’s Academy to be a happy, social environment so that learning
readily takes place.
Pre-registration forms can be downloaded here.   You can download information here.
You may contact Jan Fulmer 256-627-9451 or the church 256-767-5605 for more information.
We would love for your child to be a part of PHCA!!

Safety Features

Facility security is maximized so that parents can feel confident that their child is in a safe and caring environment. Entrances are locked at all times with individual access gained through swipe card. There are two steal and concrete reinforced “Safe Rooms / Storm shelters” that during a emergency situation all children will be in.  A “Boo-Boo” room, located next to the front desk, to immediately isolate and closely monitor sick children while they await pick up.